Sainte-Maure de Touraine

Balzac cited this cheese in 1841. It can be easily recognised by the length of straw that runs through its middle, a legacy of the practice that was used historically to stop the cheese from breaking apart. For a long time counterfeiters circulated imitations, so Sainte-Maure-de- Touraine producers now use a laser to engrave the Designation’s name and the maker’s identification number on the straw. It is rolled in charcoal ash blended with salt and, depending on the maturing time, is available moist, semi-ripened or ripened.

  • chevre
    Goat’s milk
  • AOP
  • thermometre
    Raw milk
  • fromages
    Goats and brousses
Key figures
  • 118 Milk producers
  • 31 Farmhouse producers
  • 6 Cheesemaking plant
  • 1 Maturing plant
  • 1 825 Tons marketed in 2020

Our tasting tips

La découpe du Sainte-Maure de Touraine


Pains à déguster avec le Sainte-Maure de Touraine


Seeded baguette
Vienna bread
Traditional baguette
Fruit bread

Accords gourmands

Food pairings

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Loire red wine
Burgundy red wine
Burgundy dry white wine
Loire dry white wine
Botanical spirits
Anise-flavoured spirits
Brut Normandy cider
Dry white Corsican wine
Strawberry juice or syrup

Organoleptic characteristics


Distinctive cylindrical shape. Fine, clear, white-to-ivory coloured even paste.



Creamy texture that becomes drier and crumbly as it ages