Fourme de Montbrison

Recognised by its orange rind, Fourme de Montbrison is made with cow’s milk from Haut- Forez and is said to date back to the era of the Arverni, long before Cesar’s conquest of Gaul. Since then this cheese has been steadily nurtured in Forez, where summers are hot and winters are harsh. This climate begets rich and varied grass. It is a remarkably fine blue cheese that has the distinction of being salted before being drained through resinous wood gutters for at least 6 days. Fourme de Montbrison can be eaten all year round but has particular scents in the spring and autumn. It has an exceptional melting quality and is terrific for cooking.

  • lait-vache
    Cow’s milk
  • AOP
  • thermometre
    Raw milk or thermised/pasteurised milk
  • fromages
    Blue-veined cheese
  • 63 Milk producers
  • 4 Farmhouse producers
  • 3 Maturing plants
  • 668 Tons marketed in 2020

Our tasting tips

La découpe du Fourme de Montbrison


La Fourme de Montbrison can be cut into halves, quarters or eighths. It should not be cut into rings.

Fourme de Montbrison can eaten diced, grated or in raclettes. However,
the Forez style of cutting is the most appropriate: that involves pressing your thumb against the Fourme de Montbrison and cutting with a
fluid action to get the ideal portion.

Pains à déguster avec le Fourme de Montbrison


Fourme de Montbrison pairs very nicely with country bread or rye bread.

Accords gourmands

Food pairings

Fourme de Montbrison is recommended with a Côtes du Forez PDO wine or a PGI white wine from the Pays d’Urfé (dry and fruity) or a craft beer from Forez (dark or amber).

Organoleptic characteristics


Dry orange and bloomy rind. Creamed-coloured paste with blue-green marbling.



Supple and creamy.



It emits a cellar scent that brings to mind undergrowth. A slight taste of hazelnut.



The product is slightly firm and melts in the mouth. The blue side comes with fine and fragrant notes: it is a soft cheese but has a strong character. There is a dairy Fourme de Montbrison (pasteurised milk or raw milk or organic raw milk Fourme de Montbrison), artisanal Fourme de Montbrison (raw milk or organic milk Fourme de Montbrison) and farmhouse Fourme de Montbrison (for which the milk comes from a single herd). With so many versions there is a glorious array of flavours, something to satisfy all tastes!