This cheese takes its name from a market town in Aube and has proven very popular with lovers of soft and creamy cheese. Comprising whole cow’s milk, it is made through slow coagulation before being put in moulds and naturally drained. It is salted with dry salt and then left to dry before being placed in the maturing cellars. After fourteen days, Chaource acquires a smooth rind with bloomy white mould and gives of an aroma that brings to mind cream and fresh mushrooms.

  • lait-vache
    Cow’s milk
  • AOP
  • fromages
    Soft cheese with a bloomy rind
Key figures
  • 59 Milk producers
  • 2 Farmhouse producers
  • 6 Production plants
  • 1 Maturing plants
  • 2 496 Tons marketed in 2020

Our tasting tips

Pains à déguster avec le Chaource


Seeded baguette, traditional baguette, country bread, herb baguette, bread with lardons, sourdough bread, sesame seed baguette, raisin bread or fig bread

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