PDO Morbier, inimitable character

Where does the ash that runs through Morbier and seems to cut it in two comes from? You have to go back two centuries to find the answer about this exceptional raw cow’s milk cheese. In isolated holdings in Franche-Comté, farmers used to make cheese in two stages. After milking their cows in the morning, they would make curd to put in moulds and cover with a thin layer of wood ash to protect them. The next morning. they add curd from a further milking. Today this black line remains a distinctive feature but is made with edible vegetable ash. The paste is smooth and creamy and yielding and is ideal for use in all cooking styles. It is produced in the Jura mountains. So it can be paired beautifully with Jura vin jaune, so long as you do not overdo it, of course. This pressed uncooked cheese has light yellow paste and often features on classic cheeseboards. The morbier wheel has a diameter of 35cm and is 5 to 8cm thick. It has held controlled/protected designation of origin status since 2000.

  • lait-vache
    Cow’s milk
  • AOP
  • thermometre
    Raw milk
  • fromages
    Pressed uncooked cheese
Key figures
  • 2 276 Milk producers
  • 5 Farmhouse producers
  • 46 Production plants
  • 6 Maturing plants
  • 13 498 Tons marketed in 2020

Our tasting tips

La découpe du Morbier


Cut a wedge from the wheel

Pains à déguster avec le Morbier


Nut bread
Cereal bread
Cocoa bread
Vienna bread
Wholemeal bread

Accords gourmands

Food pairings

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Drink in moderation.

Jura dry white wine
Brut Champagne
Dark beer
Peated Islay whisky
Jura red wine
Loire red wine
Bordeaux red wine
Champagne red wine
Demi-sec Champagne
Rosé Champagne

Organoleptic characteristics


Morbier comes as a wheel with a think pink-orange rind. When it is cut, the yellow-to-ivory-coloured paste has a clear black line through the middle made from vegetable ash.



It has a yielding texture and melts in the mouth



The rind emits a characteristic and sulphuric scent. The paste has a sweet and clear milky and plant taste.



A PDO Morbier must have a clear taste with balanced flavours. It can have a multitude of complex flavours. With hints of milk, caramel, vanilla and fruit, the aromatic range grows broader as the cheese ages, gaining roasted, spicy and vegetal influences