Created in the 10th century by a monk in Maroilles Abbey, this cheese is made in Thiérache, the region covered by the Controlled Designation of Origin and straddling the departments of Nord and Aisne. It is considered to be the king of Nord cheeses and the finest of strong cheeses. Maroilles is made in damp cellars, where it is ripened for 3 to 5 weeks depending on the size. During this process it is brushed and washed with salty water. This is an important step that determines the cheese’s quality and gives it a magnificent natural orange colour, an original flavour and special aromas. Delicate palates may also enjoy it by buying smaller sizes which tend to be sweeter. Maroilles tart is a popular recipe that is perfect for savouring this cheese. Maroilles comes in a square shape. It is 6cm thick with sides measuring 13cm. This raw cow’s milk soft cheese has washed rind.

  • lait-vache
    Cow’s milk
  • AOP
  • thermometre
    Raw milk
  • fromages
    Soft cheese with washed rinds
Key figures
  • 117 Milk producers
  • 6 Farmhouse producers
  • 11 Production plants
  • 2 Maturing plants
  • 4 286 Tons marketed in 2020

Our tasting tips

La découpe du Maroilles


Pains à déguster avec le Maroilles


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Traditional baguette
Country bread
Herb baguette
Bread with lardons
Sourdough bread
Sesame seed baguette
Raisin bread or fig bread

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