Bleu des Causses

PDO Bleu de Gex, the softness of the Haut-Jura mountains

For centuries there have been craft cheesemaking plants dotted around the limestone karst plateaus. This land of heath and rockeries is home to Bleu des Causses. A canny blend of cow’s milk and spores of penicillium roqueforti, Bleu des Causses owes its sensory qualities to careful maturing in the natural cellars of the Gorges du Tarn. This ivory-coloured blue-veined cheese has a sophisticated array of aromatic flavours. Bleu des Causses is sweet and firm, offering a taste to celebrate and creamy intensity.

  • lait-vache
    Cow’s milk
  • AOP
  • thermometre
    Thermized/pasteurized milk
  • fromages
    Blue-veined cheese
Key figures
  • 76 Milk producers
  • 1 Farmhouse producers
  • 2 Maturing plants
  • 429 Tons marketed in 2020

Our tasting tips

La découpe du Bleu des Causses


Bleu des Causses is first cut vertically into two halves, then each piece is, in turn, split into two halves, this time cut horizontally. It should be presented on a try in quarters or eighths.

Pains à déguster avec le Bleu des Causses


Sourdough bread
Dried fruit bread
Rye bread

Accords gourmands

Food pairings

Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health.
Drink in moderation.

Several wines go nicely with Bleu des Causses but natural sweet wines such as Muscat, and some sweet white Côte de Bergerac complement its aromas particularly well.

Organoleptic characteristics


With its ivory, blue-veined paste and a natural fully-moulded rind, it is shaped like a flat cylinder and weighs from 2 to 3kg.



a creamy texture,



Intense without being aggressive.