Beurre d'Isigny

The area covered by the Isigny PDO is in Normandy. The fertile soil of the Normandy countryside is responsible for the rich grass found there. The milk used to make Isigny butter comes exclusively from the select area around Isigny-sur-Mer and is collected in 175 communes from Le Cotentin and Le Bessin. At least 30% of the milk used to make the butter is produced by Normande cows who have been allowed to graze for a minimum of 7 months per year, starting from the moment that weather permits it. The five rivers that meander through the surrounding marshland and the accompanying spray add a unique quality to meadows. The grass is rich in carotene, giving the PDO Isigny butter its legendary golden buttercup colour. The PDO Isigny butter is made from PDO Isigny cream. PDO Isigny butter is 100 % natural, containing at least 82 % fat for soft butter and 80% fat for half-salted butter, along with water, proteins and mineral salts. Just like the cream with which it is made, it contains no colouring preservatives or artificial flavouring. It is consistent and remains stable during cooking, which is why it is highly sought after by the best chefs. Its smooth texture and suppleness make it perfect for pastry-making.

  • lait-vache
    Cow’s milk
  • AOP
  • thermometre
    Thermized/pasteurized milk
  • fromages
    Butters and creams
Key figures
  • 436 Milk producers
  • 2 Production plants|
  • 6 700 Tons marketed in 2020

Organoleptic characteristics


Golden buttercup colour



Its texture melts in the mouth and it is also suitable for use in pastry making and stays stable during cooking



Light notes of hazelnut